Our Mission

Since 2013 The Stewards Hub goal has been to provide a one stop information site with helpful links and features to assist stewards with their duties and responsibilities as well as providing innovative tools to achieve excellence in the field.

In 2015 we will be launching our on-line training videos series to Stewards Hub Members as well as publishing a quarterly Stewarding Newsletter.

The Hub is a great resource for EC officials. Searching for needed documents and information is a breeze as it contains a comprehensive library of national organizations.
— Sandra Conrad, EC National Steward, FEI Steward and EC Course Designer

What We've Achieved

  • FEI, EC and USEF Stewards using site.
  • Received resounding compliments and appreciation from Stewards using the mobile app during horse shows.
  • After receiving feedback from Judges we expanded information on our website to assist FEI, EC and FEI Judges and Ground Juries.   
  • Over 12, 900 officials used The Stewards hub since our conception May 2013.
  • Many stewards enjoyed using the Steward's Forum to discuss topics. 
  • Spring 2015 began Video production of our Training Series.
  • Monthly Newsletter